Comic Creator Conference (C3) Schedule
Registration & Networking
Friday 2/17 3:00pm, Seaside Pre-Function

Keynote Address
Joseph Illidge
Friday 2/17 4:00pm, Ballroom

Marketing Your Masterpiece
David Hyde & Jeremy Atkins
Friday 2/17 5:00pm, Ballroom

You've got an amazing creation, so how do you let the world know? Marketing and publicity powerhouses David Hyde from Superfan Promotions and Jeremy Atkins from Seen All Over Media offer insider tips and discuss the vital importance of marketing and publicity.

Taking Ownership: The Contracts of Comics
David Gallaher & Dara Hyde
Friday 2/17 5:00pm, S1

Comic pro David Gallaher and literary agent Dara Hyde will discuss aspects of contracts that every comic pro should become familiar with. Learn what protects you, what you should always look out for and what should always be included. A must for independent contractors as well as those signing an exclusive with a larger company.

Cross-Platform Appeal
John Nee & Joseph Illidge
Friday 2/17 5:00pm, S7

You've created your comic, and now you need to figure out how to transition your IP to other entertainment medias. Games, movies and toys are just the tip of the iceberg! Join experts John Nee from Cryptozoic Entertainment and Joseph Illidge from Lion Forge Comics for a discussion and Q&A on how to accomplish this next step.

Let's Make a Deal
Steve Ellis & David Gallaher
Friday 2/17 6:00pm, S7

Your comic is out, and suddenly you're being approached by agents, managers or investors. How can you tell what to take seriously? Veterans David Gallaher and Steve Ellis talk about their experiences and what to look out for when opportunity knocks!

Know Your Brand
Travis Hanson & Vince Hernandez
Friday 2/17 6:00pm, Ballroom

An important part of a successful career is branding. Whether it's your art style, your writing, or a logo, branding is a vital aspect of marketing yourself and your work. Learn what goes into creating a successful brand that works for and represents you!

Politics of Partnership
Dean Haspiel, Amy Reeder, Mark Waid & Russell Nohelty
Friday 2/17 6:00pm, S1

Working with a creative team on an independent title or through a major publisher can come with questions of ownership and percentages. Mark Waid, Dean Haspiel and Amy Reeder discuss how to navigate these waters and negotiate the best deal for all parties involved. Moderated by Russell Nohelty, host of the Business of Art podcast.

The Pro's of Cons
Heidi MacDonald, David Gallaher, Russell Nohelty
Friday 2/17 7:00pm, Ballroom

Attending a convention can be a lot of work, with navigating your looming deadlines and preparing. Heidi MacDonald, David Gallaher and Russell Nohelty will talk about the importance of attending conventions, how to spot the con that can work the best for you, how to network effectively during and after show hours, and getting the most out of your con experience.

Going Global
Matt Hawkins & Beth Scorzato
Friday 2/17 7:00pm, S1

Your work is out there, and your publisher wants to have it translated and sold in other countries. Matt Hawkins (President/COO of Top Cow) and Beth Scorzato (Managing Editor at Lion Forge) discuss foreign rights; why you should do this, what to look out for and how much--or little--you could you make off this potential additional revenue stream.

The Big Picture: Comics & Hollywood
Eric Carrasco, Emily Morris & Marcus Perry
Friday 2/17 7:00pm, S7

Eric Carrasco is currently a writer on the CW's Supergirl and former writer for both the TV series and comic series Sleepy Hollow. Eric will discuss the differences between writing for TV and comics and how to break in to both. Emily Morris, currently a Creative Executive for 21 Laps, is an associate producer on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things. Emily will discuss what she looks for when reviewing projects and how things move forward once a project is selected. This session will be moderated by Marcus Perry, a Key Art, Golden Trailer, ProMax, and Clio Award-winning director, writer, and producer, who is currently the VP of Worldwide Creative Content at Paramount Pictures, and has also written a series for Image and Action Lab Comics.

Q&A and Closing Remarks
All Speakers
Friday 2/17 8:15pm, Ballroom

Join everyone back in the Ballroom for a Q&A to sum up the sessions. Jeremy Atkins will give closing remarks and direct attendees and speakers to the reception.

Networking Reception
All Attendees & Speakers
Friday 2/17 9:00pm, Ballroom

All attendees and speakers are welcome to partake in cocktails and appetizers, so you can follow up with people you've met or connect with others. Thank you for attending the first Comic Creator Conference!